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Value of Cos 37 degrees in fraction

Value of Cos 37 degrees in fraction

Cos 37 degrees

This Trigonometric article contains Value of Cos 37 degrees in fraction which is important for School Level exams. In addition, The cosine of an angle is a mathematical function that represents the ratio of the side adjacent to the angle to the hypotenuse in a right triangle. It is abbreviated as “cos” and is often written as a subscript, such as cos 37°.

To find the value of cos 37°, you would need to use a calculator or a table of trigonometric functions. The value of cos 37° is approximately 0.819.

value of cos 37 degree
value of cos 37 degree

Cos 37 degrees in fraction

You can also use a calculator or a computer program to find the value of cos 37° more precisely. For example, using a calculator with a high level of precision, the value of cos 37° is approximately 0.819218.

Alternatively, you can use a table of trigonometric functions or a trigonometry textbook to find the value of cos 37°. These resources often provide the values of trigonometric functions in fraction form, rounded to a certain number of decimal places.

  • Let us consider a right-angled triangle with sides as a=4,b=3 and c=5 units. Here a, b, c are Pythagorean triples, which follow the relation a2+b2=c2. 
  • As can be seen in the given figure, in this case, the angle is B= 37° or B=53°, which are also complementary angles. Complementary angles are those two angles whose sum is 90°
Pythagorean triples
Pythagorean triples
  • Cos (angle) = base/ hypotenuse 
  • We can see that the value of base = 3 and hypotenuse = 5 for angle A. For angle B base= 4 and hypotenuse= 5
  • So, cos A=  cos 53°= 3/5
  • Cos B = cos 37° = 4/5
  • We also know that sin (90°– A) = cos A. Therefore, cos 53° = sin 37°= 3/5  and cos 37° = sin 53° =4/5. 
  • Now, we will move on to finding the values of tan 37° and tan 53°. We are aware of the fact that tan (angle) = perpendicular/ base.
  • For angle A, perpendicular = 4 and base = 3 whereas for angle B, perpendicular= 3 and base= 4. So, tan 53° = 4/3 and tan 37° = 3/4.

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