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UPS ka full form in computer

UPS ka full form in computer

What is the full form of UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply is known as full form of UPS. You may be looking for UPS ka full form in computer then you are at right article, go ahead and read it. Mainly UPS is one of the power systems with an integrated battery, in case there is power cut or absence of primary power mode then you UPS integrated battery is used as power source.

UPS ki full form in hindi – UPS keep your system running smoothly for few minutes, till then you can save your information or data. Due to power supply from UPS battery you can avoid loss of data or information. UPS ka full form in computer is Uninterruptible Power Supply. If you are planning to purchase an UPS system then you should give importance to battery. Because there are so many UPS available in the market so you should give preference to Good UPSC system with good integrated battery.

UPS ki full form

Computer me ups ka full form – Uninterruptible Power Supply. There are two types of UPS system – Online UPS and Standby power supply. Online UPS is type of Inverter which is source of continues power supply but its expensive as compare to standby power supply UPS. Standby power supply is known as offline UPS. This UPS is mainly used in Office computer when there is absence of power or power cut. UPS ka full form in computer very good question for government competitive exams. you must know that what is the full form of UPS in computer.

Important points to remember about UPS

  • It was John Hanley, who was the first to invent UPS. John Hanley completed his first Uninterruptible Power Supply in 1934.
  • It prohibits harm inflicted by spikes & surges to the hardware.
  • It protects against the loss of data and corruption.
  • High efficiency & reliability
  • It provides networks and other apps with the ease of access while restricting downtimes
  • Comparatively low demands on size, cost & weight.

UPS Benefits

  • Power supply for emergency
  • Offers protection against surges
  • More battery life
  • Uninterruptible power supply prices are cheaper for maintenance and are therefore cost-effective.
  • Shields against unknown data loss

UPS Limitations

  • It isn’t reliable
  • The Replacement Cost is higher since these UPS batteries will not last forever, UPS batteries will last only five to ten years, so new cells have to be replaced.
  • It’s not simple to install the UPS and we required experts to fix it.

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