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The boy laughed at the beggar change the voice

The boy laughed at the beggar change the voice

What is the passive form of the boy laughed at the beggar?

The boy laughed at the beggar change the passive voice, as per rule Subject + (was /were) + V3 + Other Agents answer should be The beggar was laughed at by the boy. Bestowed sentence is in Past indefinite (Past simple) tense and it’s in the active voice. To modify it into Passive voice Object( the boy) will turn subject and subject( The beggar) will be object. We correspondingly exercise helping verb of past simple tense was with V3 form of the main verb. commemorate it in cerebrum that the preposition at must be withheld with the verb.

  1. The beggar was laughed by the boy.
  2. The beggar was being laughed by the boy.
  3. The beggar was being laughed at by the boy.
  4. The beggar was laughed at by the boy.
    • As per rule Correct answer is 4.

I nonconcur that “The beggar was laughed at by the boy” is precisely passive voice for this sentence. A passive voice sentence must be deduced from a sentence with a direct object (a transitive verb). “ Laugh ” is the verb heretofore, followed (inescapably) by a prepositional expression (“ at the beggar”) It’s not rigorously accurate to exercise the object of the preposition as the subject in the new sentence.

The boy laughed at the beggar change the voice is disputed question. Consequently, yes, “ The beggar was laughed at by the boy ” sort of works, if we anatomize the verb as being “ to laugh at. ” But from a furthermore prescriptive point of view, this sentence can not be converted into passive. Other analogous rulings likewise roughly allow a passive, but not precisely

The boy laughed at the beggar

He frolicked with the ball-> The ball was frolicked with by him.?
He sported with the band-> The band was sported with by him.???

They looked at the raspberry-> The raspberry was looked at by them.
We heeded to the music-> The music was heeded to by us.

At this juncture, it stops working out. That bottommost sentence is definitely dissatisfactory, and indeed the one about frolicking and sporting with the ball is comfortless to me, as a aboriginal speaker. In factuality all of these are the feathers of “ passive voice sentences ” that conduct people to verbalize elude the passive voice. It’s because they ’re not relatively authentic and they sound unmatched.

Details about The boy laughed at the beggar change the voice

  • This voice describes interest in the element that experiences a change, instead of the element that is performing the change.
  • When the emphasis is on either the item or the person affected by the action, the this voice is used.  It generally uses the word ed and receives the verb action.
  • For example –  Active: Roy reads a magazine.   Passive: A magazine is read by Roy
  • Thus, the correct sentence is – The beggar was laughed at by the boy.

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