RRB Railway Group D Questions with answer – 23/09/2018 (All Shifts)

Railway Group D Questions with answer 5

RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 22 September 2018 – Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conducted RRB Group D exam on 22 September 2018. The answer key and question paper for RRB Group D 2018 is now available. The RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 22 September 2018 is provided on memory basis. RRB will release also release RRB Group D Answer Key 2018 and RRB Group D Question Paper. It will be available at indianrailways.gov.in. Candidates can check RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 22 September 2018 exam from this page.

Railways RRB Group D Questions Asked (with Answers): 22nd Sep (Shift I,II & III)

  1. Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is built on which river?
  2. The Capital of Saudi Arabia is –
  3. The proportion of the income of James and Radha is 1:2, the total income of James and Radha is 87rs. What is the income of Radha?
  4. What is Coulomb’s Law?
  5. What is the IMF full form
  6. What is the SI unit of weight?
  7. Where in Manikaran plant Located?
  8. Which day is celebrated as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas?
  9. which day of the week would be on23rd December 1952?
  10. Which element has least atomic mass?
  11. Who Discovered Blood?
  12. Who is the CM of Delhi
  13. Who is the CM of Punjab
  14. Who won the Golden Boot Award at 2018 FIFA World cup?
  15. 4 skilled person can complete a work in 5 days, 8 unskilled people can complete the work in 12 days, If they work simultaneously, then in how many days the work will be complete?
  16. 63-(-3)(-2-4-8)/3*(5+(-2-1)) =
  17. A and B completes a work in 20 days, A completes the work alone in 36 days. In how many days B alone can complete the work?
  18. A question on the Ozone layer.
  19. Analogy – 29:58::17:?
  20. Find the HCF of 4,12 and 112
  21. Identify the Mirror image of – MOB from the following options
  22. Maitri Yudh is conducted between which countries?
  23. Name the chemical formula of Milk Water
  24. Name the heaviest metal?
  25. Number Series – 7,14,21,28,?
  26. Odd one Out – 120,300,111,133
  27. One question on the 2nd law of motion.
  28. Periodic table contains how many groups?
  29. HCF of 27,648,145
  30. Women T20 World Cup 2018 Who is the CM of Delhi?
  31. One question related to FIFA golden award
  32. What is the birthplace of Shiivaji?
  33. When was first war of Indian independence held?
  34. One question related to Bollywood kala Ratna award 2017
  35. A ball thrown vertically upwards reaches ground in 12.5sec. Find the velocity of the ball
  36. Find the sequence from given analogy 125:25::35:?
  37. Find the angle subtended by an hour and minute hand of a clock at 6:45?
  38. Union government set up a panel to overlook the merger of the state-owned bank the panel is to be headed by?
  39. Rana Singh dam built on which river?
  40. Who on January 2018 has been elected as MD of India infrastructure pvt.ltd?
  41. Which country is organizing men’s hockey world cup?
  42. tan@=4/3 find sin@+cos@
  43. Two bodies A and B of mass 3kg and 4kg are moving with velocities 5m/s and 8m/s towards each other. When they collide in which direction, will they move?
  44. One question was related to Sampada scheme?
  45. Sunil Barathi Mittal is the chairman of which organization? Full form of IMF.
  46. Who will host women’s t20?
  47. Icreate launch by Modi in which place?
  48. Who is the governor of Assam?
  49. Najma Heptulla is governor of?
  50. Formula of alkyne?
  51. Pinjor garden in which state?
  52. Which party won in Punjab elections in 2017?
  53. SI unit of pressure
  54. Haryana national animal and tree
  55. Name the Book written by Salman Rashid in 2017 Slave dynasty started at which year?
  56. First chief justice of Pakistan
  57. Which Indian mela was organised under UNESCO heritage?


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