RRB Railway Group D Questions with answer – 22/09/2018 (All Shifts)

Railway Group D Questions with answer 4

RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 22 September 2018 – Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conducted RRB Group D exam on 22 September 2018. The answer key and question paper for RRB Group D 2018 is now available. The RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 22 September 2018 is provided on memory basis. RRB will release also release RRB Group D Answer Key 2018 and RRB Group D Question Paper. It will be available at indianrailways.gov.in. Candidates can check RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 22 September 2018 exam from this page.

Railways RRB Group D Questions Asked (with Answers): 22nd Sep (Shift I,II & III)

  1. Which city is situated beside Hoogly river? What is 25% of 450?
  2. Who is Femina Miss India 2018?
  3. How many gold medals did India win in Karate championships 2018?
  4. When was demonetization implemented? 8 November 2016
  5. 5.46 kwj =? Joule
  6. Who won the Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy 2017? Delhi
  7. Which country defeated Spain in under17 FIFA world cup 2017? England
  8. Who is the CEO of Nokia? Rajiv Puri
  9. Which bank introduce first Iris system to authenticate Aadhar?
  10. Nandadevi national park is in which state? Uttarakhand
  11. Sports day is observed on? 29 August
  12. Who is the 1st state in Public awareness index(PAI)?
  13. The vertical line in the periodic table is called as? Group
  14. Which international airlines started service from Srinagar to other countries? 3, 2, 13, 12, 23, 22, ? Ans: 33
  15. Which is odd 216, 343, 100, 125: 100
  16. Full form of NITI? National Institute for transforming India
  17. Champaran jila belongs to which state?
  18. Who is the director of Bahubali movie?
  19. No. of elements in the 6th row in the periodic table? 32
  20. Who is the good conductor of electricity? Silver
  21. What is the formula of Ferric oxide?
  22. Word day of Social Justice: 20th February
  23. In which year was Pluto removed from the solar system? August 2006
  24. Khullam Khulla autobiography: Rishi Kapoor
  25. Punjab Governor: V P Singh Badnore
  26. Who discovered Radar? Robert Watson Watt
  27. Square root of 13.69: 3.7
  28. (x+y)/(x-y)=5:1. Find– (x^2 + y^2)/(x^2 – y^2); Ans= 13/5
  29. Where is Gateway of India? Mumbai
  30. 10,16,25,37,?
  31. Who is the winner of best player award 2017? C Ronaldo
  32. In which city, Ivanka trump visited India in 2018? Hyderabad
  33. Which state gives Kalidas Samman Award in India? Madhya Pradesh
  34. Chairman of SEBI? Ajay Tyagi
  35. What is called reproduced through budding? Hydra
  36. Winner of Saraswati Samman 2017? Sitanshu Yashaschanddra
  37. Name the second woman who got Arjuna award for football. Oinam Bembem Devi
  38. Who invented Dynamite? Alfred Nobel
  39. What does Odometer measure? Distance
  40. A,b,C can do a work in 6 days. C left the work after working 2 days then A and B completed the remaining work in 7 days. C alone complete the work in how many days?
  41. Lloyd’s of London’s first female CEO: Inga Beale
  42. A galvanometer is used for?
  43. How many leap years are there in 100 years? 24
  44. There are two bulbs, one is glowing well and another is glowing dull, which bulb has more resistance?
  45.  What is Newton’s Second law of motion?
  46. pH 2, 6, 8 – In which of these, the amount of hydrogen ions will be maximum ?

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