RRB Railway Group D Questions with answer – 20/09/2018 (All Shifts)

Railway Group D Questions with answer 3

RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 20 September 2018 – Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conducted RRB Group D exam on 20 September 2018. The answer key and question paper for RRB Group D 2018 is now available. The RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 20 September 2018 is provided on memory basis. RRB will release also release RRB Group D Answer Key 2018 and RRB Group D Question Paper. It will be available at indianrailways.gov.in. Candidates can check RRB Group D Question Paper with Answer for 20 September 2018 exam from this page.

Railways RRB Group D Questions Asked (with Answers): 20th Sep (Shift I,II & III)

Qns 1 – Who is the governor of Assam ?
Ans – Jagdish Mukhi

Qns 2- Who started Bima Yojana ?
Ans – PM. Narendra Modi

Qns 3 – Smallest nerve in ear ?
Ans – Stapes

Qns 4 – Lngest nerve in human body?
Ans – Sciatic

Qns 5 – 1 micron is equal to?
Ans – 1e-6

Qns 6 – What is the formula for vitamin c?
Ans – C6H8O6

Qns 7 – Who is the CEO of Pepsico?
Ans – Indra Nooyi

Qns 8 – Who is the brand ambassador of Bima Yojana ?
Ans – Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Qns 9 – Smallest nerve in the body ?
Ans – Cranial

Qns 10 – PV sindhu is a player of which sports ?
Ans – Badminton

Qns 11 – What is the capital of Hangri?
Ans – Budapest

Qns 12 – Who is the brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism?
Ans – Amitabh Bachchan

Qns 13 – World malaria day is celebrated on which date?
Ans – 25 April

Qms 14 – Who is the president of Niti Aayog ?
Ans – PM. Narendra modi

Qns 15 – who is also known as law of inertia ?
Ans – Newton’s first law

Qns 16 – Male hormone name ?
Ans – Testosterone

Qns 17 – Who is governor of Tripura ?
Ans – Kaptan Singh Solanki

Qns 18 – Who is the chief justice of Allahabad High Court ?
Ans – Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale

Qns 19 – Who is the president of Mahila Ayog ?
Ans – Rekha Sharma

  1. Which type of tissue is capable of Cell Division? Meristematic Tissue
  2. The Theme song ’70 Saal Azadi, Yaad Karo Kurbani” is related to? Tiranga Yatra
  3. 3 sec^2 x – 2 tan^2 x is 6. Find x? Infosys CEO? Salil Parekh
  4. Date of Boston Tea Party? 16 December 1773
  5. What is the Theme of Swastha Bache Swastha Bharat?
  6. Tripitaka is related to? Buddhism
  7. One question related to Refractive Index
  8. India’s first underground museum was opened at the ……….. in New Delhi? Rashtrapati Bhavan
  9. One question related to IUCN.
  10. One question related to the theme of Book Fair New Delhi. Coating of Desert Plant? Cutin
  11. Name the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts, such as leaves, stems and flowers? Transpiration
  12. One question related to Teen Universe.
  13. Who was the winner of IPL 2017? Mumbai Indians
  14. Winner of U-17 football world cup? England
  15. In which year, Qutubdin Aibak became the king of the slave dynasty? 1206
  16. Which movie is based on Phogat sisters? Dangal
  17. Which acid is produced in the Human Stomach? HCL
  18. National Voters Day? 25th JAN
  19. CEO of Microsoft? Satya Nadella
  20. Function of Phloem? Transportation of Food in Plants
  21. Founder of Paytm: Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  22. Indian National Congress President in 2017? Sonia Gandhi
  23. Which of the following is a Non-metal in liquid form? Bromine
  24. Donald Trump is president of which country? USA
  25. Element in the 2nd group of 4th Period Element? Calcium
  26. What is the difference between methyl and ethyl? Methyl consists of only one carbon atom in its compound, but ethyl consists of two carbon atoms in it.
  27. Which state launched: Our village our Development Scheme? Odisha
  28. Registan Desert is in which country? Afghanistan
  29. GST Brand Ambassador 2017? Amitabh Bachchan
  30. One question related to World Economic Forum 2018.
  31. Perini Shivatandavam dance related to? Telangana
  32. Which Element has high boiling & high melting point?
  33. One cup related to Hockey Men’s World Cup 2018.
  34. On which River, the Almatti Dam is situated? Krishna River
  35. One question related to RBI governor.
  36. Herbivores large small intestine is used to digest: Vitamins, Proteins, Fats, Cellulose?
  37. Asian Games are held after every ……. year? Four
  38. Manitoulin Island is in which country? Canada
  39. How many elements were known when Mendeleev started his work?
  40. 2 CU + O2 = 2 CUO is an example of ……….. reaction? Oxidation
  41. AL2(SO4)3 = Aluminium sulfate
  42. one question related to Hydrocarbon group.
  43. One question related to NPCI UPI 2.0.

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