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Psychology (शिक्षा मनोविज्ञान), psychology notes

Psychology handwritten class notes TET CTET UPTET REET Teachers exam
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Hello Dear Examtrix.com followers, In this post we are going to share an important PDF on psychology notes, developmental psychology notes, which is very useful for each and every competitive exam in India. At this platform we share psychology notes Handwritten class notes and psychology notes Free Study material for Competitive exams UPSC IAS, RAS, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, SBI PO, Railway Exams. 

This PDF Notes (psychology notes, developmental psychology notes) is important for various exams like TET, CTET, STET, REET, 1st Grade Teacher, 2nd Grade Teacher, Teacher Exams, 3rd Grade Teacher.
Topics covered :
  1. Psychology Handwritten Class Notes, CTET, STET, REET, Teachers Exam Study Material. 
  2. (Education psychology : An Introduction)Development of Child ( बाल विकास ) ,   Learning (अधिगम) , Individual Differences (वैयक्तिक विभिन्नताएं)Understanding Diverse Learners (विविध अधिगमकर्ताओं की समझ)Teaching Learning process (शिक्षण अधिगम की प्रतिक्रियाएं)
  3. Download Free PDF : Psychology Notes : Teacher Exam Study Material 

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Psychology Top Questions
1. The word “Pedagogy” means?
A. to guide the child
B. to lead the child
C. to educate the child
D. to understand the childAnswer: B
2. Pedagogy is the study of
B.Guiding Students
C.Learning Process
D.Teaching MethodsAnswer: D
3. Which one of the followings indicates child’s physical growth ?
A. Negative
B. Quantitative
C. Qualitative
D. PositiveAnswer: B
 4. The best method to study growth and development of the child is–
A. Psychoanalytic Method
B. Comparative Method
C. Developmental Method
D. Statistical MethodAnswer: C
5. The use of technology to enhance learning process is called __________ in education.
C.Information technology
D.Communication technologyAnswer: B
 6. Term PSRN in development implies–
A. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
B. Problem solving relationship and numeracy
C. Perceptual skill, reasoning and numeracy
D. Perceptual skill, relationship and numbersAnswer: C
7. “Individual learns from his own mistakes” This statement is based on which learning theory ?
A. Instrumental conditioning
B. Insight
C. Trial & Error
D. Classical conditioningAnswer: C

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