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How to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in 3 months || SSC CGL 2018 Strategy

How to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in 3 months

How to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in 3 months || SSC CGL 2018 Strategy

In this post we are going to tell you How to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in 3 months. CGL 2018 is probably or may be going to be held in May. If it going to happen u have almost 3 months in hand which are more than enough for the beginner. First of all acquaint yourself with the whole pattern of this exam and then try to solve 2–3 previous years papers. By doing this you will get the rough idea of the type of questions asked. Now , as u know… Tier 1 + Tier 2 = 600 marks. Out of these….
  1. Gk- 50 marks
  2. Reasoning – 50 marks
  3. Maths – 250 marks
  4. English – 250 marks
It is pretty clear that Maths and English play a major role in clearing this exam. From the day 1 I would tell u to have a target of scoring 500/600 marks in both the tiers. Book list :
  • GK : Lucent Subjective +lucent objective
  • Reasoning: any standard book which covers the syllabus
  • English: (1) SP Bakshi /K D campus {vol 1}, (2) A mirror of common errors, (3) kiran chapterwise latest edition
  • Maths: Kiran chapterwise or Rakesh yadav chapterwise { any 1} + youtube lectures on study smart  They helped me a lot for short tricks n concept building. Otherwise Rakesh yadav Sir’s class notes are also good.
Now lets imagine that u start your preparation from 25th January. Our target will be to finish the whole syllabus by March end. For that manage your timetable as per your convenience but I think daily 8 hours study is must in these initial 3 months. one hour for gk, one hour for reasoning, 3 hours for english and 3hour for Maths.

1 How to prepare ( SSC CGL 2018 Strategy )for SSC CGL 2018 in 3 months for Gk :

Daily one hour. Take lucent and start from your favorite subject. First day complete any 1 chapter say Harappa civilization. Then next day solve the objective questions of that chapter from lucent objective book. You can also search on internet for objective questions. Likewise 3rd day another chapter and 4th day its objective. In this way 3 chapters will be prepared in a week. Leave sunday for revision. Hence slowly n steadily your gk will be prepared. You can study in this order Polity….modern history..ancient history..medeival history…geography…phy.. Chemistry…biology…economics..last miscellaneous. For General Knowledge Recommended SSC CGL books General Knowledge –

Click here  For  General Knowledge SSC CGL books

Dont waste more time on gk as its weightage is only 50 marks and you can easily manage to score 30–35 marks by following this strategy.

2} How to prepare for SSC CGL 2018  in 3 months for Reasoning:

practice daily 1 hour from any book that you have…thats enough…bcoz at last when we will solve the practice papers then this section will be covered. For Reasoning  Recommended SSC CGL books  Reasoning by R.S. Agrawal from Flipkart A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal – Verbal, Non – Verbal & Analytical  (English, Paperback, Sijwali B S) Now the most important subjects for this exam…

3} How to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in 3 months for English:

Its preparation can be divided into two parts…first for grammar n second for vocab..
  • For grammar I suggest students the combo of two books..
    • If u have basic knowledge of english then read SP Bakshi + Mirror of common error
    • And if u are from hindi medium then read KD campus + Mirror of common error.
The combo of these books will definitely enhance ur knowledge of eng which is required for this exam. And repeat these books again n again so that all the rules get mug up in ur mind.
  • Now vocab contains mainly one words n idioms and phrases. For them u can use any book or u can also download pdfs from internet. Learn 10 OW n 10 Idioms daily…Thats enough for this.
  • Finally if u have little bit time then plz read Word power made easy…. To enhance your vocab.
  • In April n May practice English questions from Kiran chapterwise.

Click here  For English Recommended SSC CGL books

4- How to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in 3 months for Maths:

This paper can be a game changer in Tier 2. If u are able to score 180+ in mains then definitely u will have an edge over other students in the end. So keep this in mind. First of all make a list of all the chapters asked in ssc. Divide them in two parts (1) Basic arithmatic (2) advanced maths. Now prepare them chapterwise either by Rakesh yadav class notes or any other book that u have. Hindi medium students can use Platform publication.

Click here  For Quantitative Aptitude  Recommended SSC CGL books

Build the strong concept for each n every chapter along with short tricks. After learning each chapter practice its questions either from Kiran chapterwise or Rakesh yadav chapterwise. It will take time to build concept. But take your time. Never try to crame any question. If u dont get any question then ask your seniors or search over internet or on YouTube. Becoz now a days ssc has started asking questions on concept based. By the end of December you will have completed Kiran chapterwise. Now in january u have to revise whatever u have studied. And complete Kiran chapterwise one more time in this period. Keep one thing in mind that always try to solve questions by tricks or by options. Otherwise it will be difficult to finish paper in time. Give atleast 70 to 80 mock tests before exam. It will definitely boost ur confidence. I m sure after this preparation tier 1 wil be a cake walk for u. Then after Tier 1 repeat the strategy for Eng n Maths again. And practice about 50 mocks for maths and about 15 mocks for eng. You will definitely crack Tier 2 with outstanding marks.

Some tips and strategy for cracking SSC CGL:

  • First complete the syllabus of SSC CGL and while doing it marks the question which seems difficult to you or you can write it in a notebook.
  • Follow only one book for each subject and never get confused about book because every book has the same thing and same concept.
  • For quant section complete the whole maths from Kiran chapter wise book.
  • For English section read the S.P Bakshi book and Word Power made easy for vocabulary section.
  • For Gs section read the lucent or Manohar Pandey of Arihant Publication.
  • No need to read any book for reasoning section of SSC CGL.
  • Once you cover all the topics of your syllabus then practise more and more.
  • Never lose hope and don’t feel dejected.
  • Keep yourself motivated and never feel that you can’t clear the exam
  • Maintain the consistency in studying.
  • Focus on your aim and try to achieve it.
Few points have collected and which may help you to make your plan:
  • Study daily at least 6-8 hours, if starting from the scratch and not doing any other work. If working, devote 2-3 hours dailywith half an hour on each section.
  • Make a Study plan that will finish your syllabus.
  • Figure out your weak and strong sectionsor topics and work on that.
  • Figure out which sections require how much time slot in the exam from the total time of 120 minutes.
  • All questions in the exam is not possible to attempt. Hence, need to know how much questions you are doing  in each sections and not wasting time on one section and leaving the other.

You have 3 months from now and these 3 months will decide your future of 40 years.

your single day of these three months will decide your 90 days of your upcoming life Resources and Information. decision is yours so don’t waste a single day of your life because now in SSC competition is really tough.All aspirants who are preparing for UPSC, PSC are giving SSC as backup plan.All those who are already working in Central government(as non interview posts),in Banks(as PO,AO and Clerk ) and in private companies are preparing for SSC. Some CAT aspirants and students from NITs are also take SSC as back up Page on plan.so try to get good marks in Tier 1 because due to tough competition if you will just on the boundary line or 5-10 marks above cut off you have to perform extra-ordinary in Tier 2 because all others are already get lead in Tier 1 and one more thing, this preparation for Tier 1 will also help in Tier 2.If you are prepared well for tier 1 only you need to practice mocks for Tier 2 in Maths and English.

Don’t distract from technology or any other activity.

Fix a time for whtsapp and Facebook or calling to your friend.Turn off your net while doing study and stay away from mobile and laptop. Don’t be a slave of Technology. Wish you all the best. Prepare well..eat well…live welll and enjoy the journey for CGL 2018.
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