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Formula of 2 sin inverse x

Formula of 2 sin inverse x

2 sin inverse x formula

Formula of 2 sin inverse x is 2 arcsin(x) = arcsin(2x√1−x2). Sin inverse X is belongs to important trigonometric inverse functions. it is know as or can be written as sin-1x or arcsin (x) (read as ‘arc sine x’). For your information please don’t get confused in between sin-1x and (sin x)-1 both are different function. In trigonometry we have 6 inverse functions such as

  • sin-1x = inverse of sin x = arcsin x
  • cos-1x = inverse of cos x = arccos x
  • tan-1x = inverse of tan x = arctan x
  • csc-1x = inverse of csc x = arccsc x
  • sec-1x = inverse of sec x = arcsec x
  • cot-1x = inverse of cot x = arccot x

Sin inverse x is equal to

In other words we can say that Inverse sin x is inverse function of sine x. In this blog post we will find the Formula of 2 sin inverse x and will solve some important examples using this formula.

  • It is mathematically written as “asin x” (or) “sin-1x” or “arcsin x”. We read “sin-1x” as “sin inverse of x”. We know that if two functions f and f-1 are inverses of each other, then f(x) = y ⇒ x = f-1(y). So sin x = y ⇒ x = sin-1(y). i.e., when “sin” moves from one side to the other side of the equation, it becomes sin-1. Let us consider a few examples to see how the inverse sine function works.
  • Example 1 –> sin 0 = 0 ⇒ 0 = sin-1(0)
  • Second Example –> sin π/2 = 1 ⇒ π/2 = sin-1(1)
  • Example 3 –> sin π/6 = 0.5 ⇒ π/6 = sin-1(0.5)
  • the domain of sin inverse x is [-1, 1]
  • the range of sin inverse x is [-π/2, π/2].
  • Example – arcsin x (or) sin-1x : [-1, 1] → [-π/2, π/2]

Summery of this post is 2 arcsin x (or) 2sin-1x = arcsin(2x√1−x2) or Please follow this link of Explanation of Mathematics formula – Click

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