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All the world her stage notes

All the world her stage notes questions and answers

All the world’s a stage question answers

This Free PDF Notes contains All the world her stage notes for upcoming 8th Class KSEEB exams. In addition, All the world’s a stage figure of speech “All the world’s a stage” is a quote from William Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It,” spoken by the character Jacques. In this monologue, Jacques reflects on the seven ages of man, comparing the world to a stage and each person’s life to a play. He speaks of how different people play different roles in life, from infants to old age.

This KSEEB Class 8th English quote All the world her stage notes and how to find figure of speech in poem is often used to teach students about the idea of different roles we play in life and how these roles change as we grow older. For example, when we are young, we might play the role of a student, and as we get older, we might play the role of an employee or a parent.

Additionally, All the world her stage notes can be used to give a metaphor of how we play different characters in different places. We act differently in front of different people, such as being different in front of friends and family than at school or work, it can be an important lesson of social awareness and self-awareness, and how we can be mindful of the different ways we are perceived by others.

8th Class English lesson 6, All the world’s a stage poem questions and answers : It could be also an interesting opportunity to help them to develop their critical thinking and creativity by thinking about the characters they have encountered in their life and the various roles they have played in their own life, and how these roles have changed over time.

All the world her stage notes question and answers

Sai lived a low-slung corpulent. In All the world her stage notes, She wasn’t certifiably working physically. So, her playmates exploited to frame entertainment of her. They didn’t permit her to skylark with them. Sai harnessed to set by the sidelines and observe them rollick. A candescent nonpareil neared to her one daytime. All the world’s a stage poem questions and answers, She hollered out to them and enunciated she’d narrate them a short story and concern them in a lovely sweepstakes . All her confidantes assembled around her. Sai irradiate a incantation of magic. They harkened to the preposterous story. They also gripped positions and performed as she canalized. In this carriageway, she subsisted competent to chalk up over her buddies.

  • Question 1. Who was usually a playing companion for Sai in her childhood?
    • Answer: Usually, a playing companion for Sai in her childhood was her grandfather Sir R.P.Paranj pe.
  • Question 2. Who was affectionately called Appa?
    • Answer: Sir R.P.Paranj pe was affectionately called Appa. He was Sai’s grandfather.
  • Question 3. When was the grandfather very much impressed by Sai’s ability?
    • Answer: One day her grandfather asked her to tell him a story. Sai told him a story which was replete with dragons, princess, talking parrots and hidden gold. When her grandfather came to know that Sai had made up the story herself, he was greatly impressed with her creative ability.
  • Question 4. What was Sai’s first published book?
    • Answer: Sai’s first published book was ‘Mulancha Mera’, a book of fairy tales which means ‘my dream child’ or ‘ my favourite child’.
  • Question 5. “Sai Froze”. When did this happen?
    • Answer: One day, Sai stepped on a book by mistake as she entered the library. Her grandfather ordered her to stop right there. Sai got scared. She stood there without moving.

All the world’s a stage poem questions and answers

  • Question 1. How would Sai draw the attention of her playmates while they made fun of her?
    • Answer: Sai was a fat girl. Her friends made fun of her saying that she could not run. She was not active and would make their team weak. But, she drew the attention of her playmates by telling them interesting stories and making them enact the roles as she directed.
  • Question 2. What fascinated Sai as a child?
    • Answer: Sai was greatly fascinated by ‘doll’s wedding’, a traditional game played by Maharashtrian girls.
  • Question 3. Why is the word ‘mother’ given within the inverted commas in the sixteenth and seventeenth paragraphs?
    • Answer: ‘Mother’ here refers to the little girl Sai. She was role-playing the character of a bride’s mother in a marriage of dolls celebrated like a real wedding.

Some statements are presented below All the world her stage notes list. Some questions are true and some questions are false. The juncture of ‘ T ’ or ‘ F ’. Also, bespeak in the box the paragraph piece in which you can determine your response.

  • Sai looked very athletic — False
  • Sai used to tell fantastic stories to her friends — True
  • Even as a child, Sai had published a book— True
  • Her grandfather did not take it seriously when she stepped on a book — False
  • Paranjpye was a senior wrangler — True
  • One of the Maharashtrian Children’s game is “marriage of doll’s” — True
  • Sai told a story to her grandfather — True
  • Sai learned to regard books with respect — True

Questions on all the world her stage

  • Question 1. Sai’s drawing the attention of the playmates.
    • Answer: The usual sight of grandpa and Sai playing together.
  • Question 2. A grandfather telling her to treat books with respect.
    • Answer: Sai’s telling a story to her grandfather.
  • Question 3. The usual sight of grandpa and sai playing together.
    • Answer: A grandfather telling her to treat books with respect.
  • Question 4. The wedding of dolls.
    • Answer: Sai’s drawing the attention of the
  • Question 5. Sai’s telling a story to her grandfather.
    • Answer: The wedding of dolls.

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Present the antagonistic forms of these expressions exercising a prefix. modify the composition if peremptory. suddenly, presto, dim, beginning, youthful)

An ancient man materialized on the podium stepping sluggishly at the discontinuance of the play, just before the close of the demonstration. Soon, the audience stood up as the incandescences were exchanged on. In that effulgent glow, they could witness the executive, a nipper gentleman with an dignified figure

  • 1. a familiar sight — an unfamiliar sight
    2. an used towel — an unused towel
    3. a prepared speech — an unprepared speech.
    4.  an attentive soldier — an inattentive soldier.
    5.  a successful attempt — an unsuccessful at ­tempt
    6.  an organised show — a disorganized snow.
    7. a satisfied person — a dissatisfied person.
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